Today is the official new website launch!  I was extremely excited to finally get the new website up and running mainly because it meant I could FINALLY show all you the new imagery, merchandise, and most importantly new music!  The launch of this website was also the launch of introducing my new album, "Beautiful Ashes".  It's been a year in the making and I have been "impatiently" waiting for everything to be done. Yep, that's right, I wasn't very patient. :) But today is the day I am introducing the first single and title track, "Beautiful Ashes"!   Be sure to go to the "Music" tab on the top of the website and click on the second song (hi-fi or lo-fi) options and listen away! Feel free to let me know what you think, especially if it's good. :) As you will notice, it's the ONLY song you can listen to at this time...that's because for the next 10 weeks, every Monday I will be introducing a new song from the album until the album's release. I'm calling it "New Music Monday's".  So be sure to come by every Monday and listen to another new song.

Also today was a very important day because it's the official day to pre-order your very own copy of "Beautiful Ashes".  It's official release to stores is set for May 3, 2011, BUT we will be shipping all pre-orders on April 18'th, so you will get it before it hits stores!  So be sure to reserve your copy today!  To all of my "kickstarter" backers (you know who you are) you will actually be getting your disc in March! :)

Anyways, I hope you guys like the first song! A music video for "Beautiful Ashes" is also be on the lookout!

Many Blessings,


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Jenny February 07, 2011 @11:28 pm
new song sounds great! i own your previous cd and randomly thought of you today and wondered whether or not you were working on a new album. I came to your site and lo and behold you have been! I am definately going to preorder the album right after I type this and now I feel like listening to your old album. I'll be excited for next Monday for a new song!
your twin in christ February 07, 2011 @10:10 pm
even though I'm not playing the guitar for you, I still think this music is great. you're a real artist and that's what music is. it's God giving the raw talent and us using it for his glory. i love it.
Tim February 07, 2011 @06:52 pm
Awesome! The first song is great, I was singing along to the chorus before the song was over on the first play! Can't wait to hear the rest =D
Emma February 07, 2011 @04:19 pm
I love the song! (: I'll definately be back every Monday to listen to the rest, and I'll be pre-ordering soon! Also, the pictures look awesome!

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