Hey guys, it has been awhile since I sent out an update so here it is!  :) For starters, thank you to everyone who was praying that the bus would sell because this past month it did!! This does NOT mean that me and the guys won't continue to do shows here and there, but it does mean we will be renting a van to do it. :) It will take some adjusting...but I think we'll manage! haha 

As far as shows, I am very eager to get some more on the calendar so if you know of anyone who is looking do a concert or event please email my manager, Russell, at russell@deepwade.com The guys and I all have "regular" jobs right now to pay the bills, so we are only doing spot dates at this time, but what I've found so far is that this just makes each show even more special to us and hopefully to the kids and adults we are there to minister to.

As far as my amazing team of musicians, here is an update on them.... my guitarist, Jacob, just got married last month and is now working in a studio in Cookeville, TN called Sunday Drive Recordings.  If you need a great Producer or engineer, be sure to hit him up. http://www.facebook.com/jacob.veal?ref=ts

My drummer, Steven, and my new bassist Dathon are actually in their own band and have been for many years called Burning Yesterday and they are currently working on new songs so be sure to go and check them out. You'll love them! http://www.facebook.com/burningyesterday?ref=ts

My hubby and keyboard player, :) has been working full time as a project manager for a great Insurance Restoration company here in Nashville. On the music side he is still managing all of the ends and out of my music which I am so thankful for.  I personally have been continuing to buy and sell antique furniture and for the past year I have been a nanny for 3 beautiful kids a few days a week.  

Other than that, as I said, I am eager to book some more shows.  As far as shows, here is the latest video from this past show.  This song is "To My Surprise" from my last album, "Silent Screams".  It's still one of my favs and I hope it ministers to you as you watch and listen.God bless you all!! As always, hit me up if you need prayer!!~Eowyn

To My Surprise lyrics: 

The clock strikes 3 A.M. now, speak
Stone cold, I've suffered much defeat
How could you look at what I am
with grace, forgiveness now at hand?
Quickly come, let me fall now in your arms

To my surprise you heard my cries,
Lord Jesus rescue me
To my surprise you gave your life
Lord Jesus rescue me

Caught up in what I've tried to hide
Regret lives on I can't deny
Though camouflaged the truth reveals
this emptiness, it will not yield
Do not tarry Lord I waiver
Do not tarry I can not resist
This time you must aid, assist me,
Quickly come, let me fall now in your arms

To my surprise you heard my cries,
Lord Jesus rescue me
To my surprise you gave your life
Lord Jesus rescue me

I'm falling in surrender,
I'm falling, falling 


Manulishshe September 16, 2012 @04:54 pm
Why can't you come to russia?((( Your live singing is so amazing)

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